‘A chaos of raw action, colour, costume and community creates the nucleus for the ever transforming realm of The Bait Fridge.
The manipulators of this wet, hyper-colourful landscape are bound to no laws except visual, sonic and social evolution.’



The Bait Fridge is a performance collective based on Kaurna Country (South Australia), made of a core group of 10 visual artists and musicians, and many other fluctuating members at any one time. We began as a group of visual artists and musicians creating performative painting exercises, painting one another using catapults and leaf blowers. We have been creating under a somewhat unified banner since 2015. Much of our early performance work took place in public space as both commissioned and self-produced improvisational absurdist performances, drawing on Fluxus principles of process-centered art making and using only recycled and found materials. We aim to communicate these values through multi-disciplinary performance experiences for varied audiences, and have performed in a wide variety of contexts including a shopping mall, private birthday parties, The SUBstation, galleries, showgrounds, skate parks and the beach. See below for a non-comprehensive list of members.
Henry Jock Walker
Arlon Hall
Kaspar Schmidt Mumm
Emmaline Zanelli
Adrian Schmidt Mumm
Declan Casley-Smith
Dave Court
Daria Healy-Koljanin 
Zeno Kordov
Matthew Morisson Kurt Bosecke
Wesley Maselli

Kate Cheel

Clara Solly-Slade

Ben Sargent

Abbey Howlett
Jack Hodges
Annabel Scheid
Greta Wyatt
Daria Koljanin
Liam Somerville
Tom Hannagan
Hari Koutlakis