The Bait Fridge x Slowmango
Residency at The Lab 

Over the course of six shows spread throughout 2021, The Bait Fridge and Slowmango are collaborating to develop skills in performance, with a focus on the inclusion of digital media within performance and the integration of improvisational performance and live music. For Slowmango, one of the the important aims of this residency is to pull apart the typical experience of seeing a local band play a gig, to create a more stimulating, challenging and at times participatory experience for the audience. For The Bait Fridge, it is proving so far to be an opportunity to rehearse more regularly, and to work with more structure than ever before. 

1. Variety
May 2021

The first show featured a selection of new and improv(ed/ing) skits from The Bait Fridge punctuated by a Slowmango set, with visuals by Dave Court and ASMR by Kaspar Schmidt Mumm. Characters utilised movement techniques learnt in a workshop with local Adelaide artist Callan Fleming, accompanied by Aidan Jazzy Jones playing his new Kora instrument made from an enormous gourd. A raffle was drawn, boasting a top prize of a Mangrove, Dolphin and Shipwreck kayak adventure. Mat Morison conducted the first performance of Bait Fridge laughing choir. Photos below by Keelan Cook.

2. The Baitpocalypse
Directed by Mat Morison
June 2021

Directed by Mat Morison, The Baitpocalypse begins with a stork flying through the clouds over the city and the zoo. 

The busy people in the city, the animals in the zoo, and the clouds, all oblivious to the fate that is about to befall them. A series of broadcasts start to trickle in hints of a mysterious impending doom, and all hell begins to break loose. The animals of the zoo must escape and the clouds begin to fall.

There is one animal, however, that finds that they are not only surviving this doom with ease, but are in fact thriving... it is the Skorpion! As the animals and clouds clamour to survive and the city streets are in chaos (brought to life by guest performer CanMasterSmash) The Skorpion King rises from the darkness and flames of the crumbling world and they are the last noise to be echoed throughout the Old World.
As the dust settles, we see that one last bamboo plant stands - the only green thing in a world of ash. A lumberjack saws down the bamboo to reveal a lonely panda who did not dare try to escape the zoo and thus lived through the catastrophe. The lumberjack plays his saw (Tom Spall) as the panda bear wails his mournful song.  The animals are resurrected, but they are not the same! They are lucid creatures now - giggling and dancing like wild circus phantoms - and we are left to wonder, is this really what the New World will be? Or have we been wiped out by the Baitpocalypse and is this the first inkling of an afterlife? Photos by Jake Brown, video documentation by Emmaline Zanelli, broadcast videos by Emmaline Zanelli and Bait Fridge characters.

3. The All-Inclusive Cruise to Heaven
Directed by Emmaline Zanelli
September 25 2021

Whether you survived the Baitpocalypse and you’ve made it to the fresh New World, or you did not and you are now floating in the ether waiting for directions, part 3 will find both parties united on a luxury cruise ship to Glory, Paradise, Heaven. Angels will guide you on a comfortable Duty-Free ride through the warm, tropical waters of purgatory before deciding if Heaven’s really all it’s cracked up to be.

Photos by Liam Jackson and Haris Koutlakis 

4. Market
Directed by Adrian Schmidt Mumm
October 23 2021

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Directed by Kaspar Schmidt Mumm
November 27 2021

6. Bait Contemporary
Directed by Henry Jock Walker
December 2021